User Experience(UX) Design in My Mind

There is a media content producer who sent me a message and asked about how to translate herself from a writer to a UX designer.

Here is my answer about what is the User Experience(UX) in my mind.

User Experience(UX) design, the wording itself is abstract. When explain the word EXPERIENCE, most of people will describe it with a set of adjective that express a kind of feeling.

UX design is everywhere. Nowadays, because of the explosion of usage on mobile and web applications, so that when people talk about UX, most of time, they talk about the experience of the User Interface of the applications.

What brings user the exact feeling when they use the mobile/web products? It is the user interface, the workflow to make thing work, the graphics that people can see, the content people can read and the time that people wait for the loading of the view. That is, the user experience is consist of user interface design, interaction design, visual design, content strategy, technical performance and the business strategy of the service the product provide. Now you see what the role of UX designer could be. The one who is in charge of the user experience should be with the knowledge of inter-disciplinary.

Different companies have different ways to set up the team to be in charge of the experience of a product. I personally feel this role need inter-disciplinary talent. You need to learn the design principles, have good sense of visual design. You also need to know the techniques of the digital world, understand how things works and the technique principle in the work, it would be an advantage if you know programming, it helps train your logical thinking. Psychology is also a important term for UX design, a designer should be empathy to help analyze the user behavior.

A lot of company that without a large scale of design team usually hire several designers with the position named "UX/UI Designer". There is a shared google document User Interface Design - Study List that can be helpful.

It could be a long journey if you want to be the one who design and make the product work. But if you just want to make a product with good experience, you can just find the right person to help you make it happen.