PixelShank v0.0.2 is released

About PixelShank

PixelShank is an cross-platform app that support to click and measure the width and height of any object on an image and save it as a .png file. It works well in the modern web browser while you can run it as a desktop app on windows, Mac OS or Linux.

PixelShank Icon

PixelShank Logo, made in Photoshop in 5 mins.

Idea, Design and Development process

I started this mini side-project at the early Nov 2015. The original thoughts includes two goals. One is to make an lightweight design measuring tool that may help designer improve productivity. The other is to practice my development skill with techniques including node.js, p5.js, electron and JavaScript.

After two weeks, I made it. The spare time I spent on it may be around 4 days.

PixelShank Screenshot

A screenshot of the app.

Here is the pre-alpha version, that I spent more time on the process of draw a line with the pixel hints on an canvas. To measure the pixels on an static image, the line, most of time, just need to be marked horizontally or vertically. So I limit the orientation of the preview of the line.

I used p5.js, a JavaScript library base on the processing language, a library for designer and artist to code the imagination.

The problem is, to make PixelShank more useful for more designers. I would prefer some functions such as using rectangle to highlight an area and add text as notes. The existing PixelShank function fulfilled my dream of programming, but the function I made doesn't meet my daily requirement.


因为用到了Electron,所以可以直接生成桌面App使用,支持Windows, MacOS和Linux。




Latest Release

v0.0.2 Pre-Alpha (GitHub | SourceForge)

PixelShank Web

PixelShank on Github