Emoji for Campaign Newsletter and Website

Is it a trend to include Emoji in the campaign newsletter in the spring of 2015?


Recently, more and more campaign newsletter I received included emotional icons on the subject line. The icons break the aligned pure text layout and it does make the piece of subject outstanding.

Liberio Newsletter with twemoji

Screenshot: Liberio Newsletter with a rice icon on the subject in Gmail Desktop

Panda Newsletter with Twemoji

Screenshot: Panda Newsletter put an panda icon on the subject in Gmail Desktop


Screenshot: Campaign News letter with emoji icons display as subject line

In Gmail, the emoji will auto get the google hangout emoji icon image while the iphone email client get the <a href= http://getemoji.com/" target="_blank">standard emoji icons.

It might not be the best practice if you want to get a clean inbox with pure text. But for the campaign owner, when their subject standout, the emoji does meet their marketing goal. It would be better if the people who subscribed also love the cute image, it pushes the people to read the detail of the mail. How many people who is disgusted with the image that looks happy?

How to add the emoji to the email subject line or the content?

Copy the icon images from online emoji icon collections and paste it into your email editor directly.

Most of time, you'd better own the devices or the applications who support emoji. Now most of the smartphones support emoji. Gmail also customize the emoji image with their own style in hangout. I like the emoji icon in google style instead of the standard one.

Main emoji styles

emoji on google hangouts

Emoji on iOS, Mac and whatsapp

I'd like to call this collection as The standard/traditonal emoji collections. It is with the traditional gradient color style. Each icon looks like a ball.

emoji on google hangouts

Emoji on Google Hangouts and Android


Twemojii Emoji by Twitter

Personally, I prefer the flat emoji style that bought by google and twitter. With less light and shadow details, the emotion is mild and soft to feel. For more emoji collections, please visit the Emojipedia.

How to setup Emoji in your own website

The famous campaign newsletter service provider MailChimp provided an article about the trend and tutorial How We Set Up Emoji Support for Subject Lines, you can find the tutorial there.

From the github of Twemoji, I also learned that by including a piece of Emoji JavaScript library in to your website html code before the tag. Copy and paste the expected emoji icon from the related emoji library, you will be able to embed the emoji icon into your own website. Here I included the Twemoji javascript link in script tag, then you are free to copy and paste the emoji icon as you want on your own website.

I ❤️ emoji!