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Millie Lin

Design with code


I come from Fujian, China, now live in Hong Kong and work for an enterprise software company as UX/UI designer.

Late 2009, before coming to Hong Kong, I took the internship as product designer at Weibo.com in Beijing. After that I went to School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong and became a MFA student of Creative Media and pick the study orientation of interactive media.

During the two years, I was fall in love with Processing, a programming language for designer and artist. The creative applications that combines art and technology amazed me and sowed the seeds in my mind, so does the data visualization. All of my projects during the study is about to create interactive things. You can find My Portfolio(2012) of this period.

Drawing is one of my habits, especially the digital illustration in vector. You can find some of my drawings on Dribbble and paintings on the DeviantArt.

Product Strategy + Design + Technology

These days, I still love to played with new techniques and several experimental projects such as HTML5 canvas, processing and SVG animation. Some of the examples are on My Codepen.io. Also designed and dealing with the front-end development on some practical idea.

Since 2015, she became one of the co-editors of the Gold community who shares the news to Chinese designer and developers.

Make things happen

Beside work for making a living, I still enjoy spending time on experimental stuff, drawing, design and build workable stuff.

To see the things, please step into my work .

Next Step: Service Design Thinking

Think out of the box. Get business sense, to provide better service design solution.